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Start now, be consistent, and do things other people don’t want to do. If you do anything consistently for at least five years, you are guaranteed to be successful, no matter the industry or business you are in. It was hard to think that a dirty, sweaty moving company was the right horse to bet on, in reality, there may have been better vehicles for success, but I stuck strong with one thing, and it has provided more than I could have ever imagined.”

Sam Chason (’20), Founder and CEO of Storage Scholars in Austin, TX

Did you graduate from Wake Forest between 2018-2023? 🎓 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏽🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ If so, then this is for you!

We know from experience that Your First Five years after college are key to developing skills to intentionally own your life and career moving forward. That’s why we created “Five For Your First Five.”

Visit the 🔗 in our profile to learn more and explore our resources.

Also, 📌 tag a friend from the @wfuniversity Classes of 2018-2023 who could benefit from these 💥free💥 offerings!

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We recently caught up with @wfualumni Kaley Vontz (‘21) who works as Operation New Hope’s Community Engagement Manager in Jacksonville, FL. Operation New Hope is an organization that provides case management, mental health counseling, and job skills training for people with a history of involvement with the criminal justice system, and places them in employment that offers a sustainable quality of life.

Here are a few fun facts about Kaley:

🏰 She studied abroad in London in the Fall of 2019, and accomplished her one goal abroad – to meet Harry Styles (and she told him he was handsome 😍).

🏈 She’s a very loyal Jacksonville Jaguars fan and has been patiently waiting for a Superbowl win.

🎭 She grew up doing theater and directed & acted in a 3 woman comedy show her senior year of high school.

We`ll leave you with some advice from Kaley:
“Asking a question goes beyond getting the answer you thought you were looking for and could open a door that you didn’t even know was there. Most often, the answers to questions aren’t what we think they are, and usually, those are the best answers.”

Read more of our Q&A with Kaley at the 🔗 in our profile.

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Handshake 🤝 is Wake Forest`s comprehensive online job search resource for students and alumni. With over 35,000+ employers in our system, you can search 🔎 and apply for jobs based on your career goals and interests. 📌

If you just graduated a few weeks ago🎓, now is the time to set-up your alumni Handshake access!

If you didn`t graduate a few weeks ago (maybe it`s been a few years or more!) and are just now learning about Handshake, you can set-up your alumni Handshake access, too!🎩

Simply follow these instructions 👆and visit the link in our profile to get started.

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Our newest class of 2023 graduates 🎓 are just beginning their Year One – that pivotal first year of life, work, graduate school, and other experiences that happen post-college.

We have Year One resources that we’ve created to help you navigate through this upcoming year. 🗓️ Visit the 🔗 in our profile to learn more.

Also, 📌 tag a friend or recent #WFU23 grad who could benefit from these 💥free💥 offerings!

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We recently caught up with @wfualumni Lisa Northrop (‘11) who works as Director of Development Services for Outfitters4 in Winston-Salem, NC. Living out the Pro Humanitate motto as both a student and working professional has long been a part of Lisa`s life, from being a Brownie in the Girl Scouts to volunteering and working at the SECU Family House!

Here are a few fun facts about Lisa:

🌎She’s visited the southernmost city in the world.

🐎After high school, she thought she`d be pursuing an equestrian career, but fell in love with Wake Forest`s campus instead!

🍬Her favorite candy is a Twizzler!

We`ll leave you with some advice from Lisa:
"Trying to figure it all out at once is overwhelming! So give yourself grace….you don’t have to have everything in place immediately. But do start building habits at a pace that you can handle."

Read more of our Q&A with Lisa at the 🔗 in our profile.

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We recently caught up with @wfualumni Holly Kitchin (`12) who works in Washington, DC as a Research and Grants Manager at Degnon Associates, Inc. Her company provides services to professional associations, national organizations, and international societies for the medical, health, and scientific industries. 🩺🔬Prior to landing in her current job role, Holly earned her Master`s of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville. After discovering that working as a therapist wasn`t the exact right fit for her, she pivoted to work that she does enjoy – research!

Here are a few fun facts about Holly:

🖤Holly and her husband Sam Kitchin (`12) graduated from the same class at WFU. While they grew up very near each other and had mutual friends throughout college, they didn’t meet until spring semester junior year! #DeacsinLove

🐶They adopted a puppy from a local rescue during the pandemic. Holly says this new pup has taken over their lives (and camera rolls🎞️) in the best way possible.

💐She occasionally does freelance work with the floral designer who did (the most amazing job at) their wedding. She has loved connecting with other women in the DC area, seeing some beautiful venues, and learning new skills with the great team at Cedar & Lime.

We`ll leave you with some advice from Holly:
"Make sure you put in the hours and try to go a little bit above and beyond when you can (emphasis on when you can). Take the time to meet with people. Ask them their story. Introduce them to someone or something new that might be helpful to them. Try collaborating. Always be willing to have the conversation and see where it goes. It might be nowhere, but people will recognize that you paid attention, took the time, and responded (kindly)!"

Read more of our Q&A with Holly at the 🔗 in our profile.

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We`re excited for you to get to know @wfualumni Bradley Singleton (`17) who currently works as a Content Producer and Platform Manager for NBCUniversal in New York City. 🗽🌃 He shares thoughts around navigating life in a large city after college plus his future plans to turn his passions and hobbies into his next career.

Here`s some advice from Bradley about embracing who you are post-college:
"In college, for many reasons, I feel like many people often try to be what they think fits the ideal WFU image or what their parents or professors may want them to be. Let that go! Be yourself! I can speak 100% to the notion that, once you’re happy being yourself and doing things you truly like to do, everything in life points upward. It’s a euphoric feeling that I honestly can’t explain."

Read more of our Q&A with Bradley at the 🔗 in our profile.

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