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5 Things to Consider When Exploring a Role in the Healthcare Industry

By Rachel Lord (’13)

Rachel started her career in health care and has worked with technology companies, health systems, post-acute organizations, and other industry stakeholders to deliver ...

The New Manager’s Toolkit: Taking Responsibility When You Lack Authority

By Allison McWilliams (’95), Ph.D., Assistant VP, Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development, Wake Forest University

You know that slogan that you will find on Washington, DC license ...

Offer in Hand: Reading Between The Lines

Offer in Hand is a three-part series collaboration with Real World Playbook. In this final article, they’ll provide insight on understanding your new job offer letter and what to look for in ...

Alumni Advice: Connecting Your International Experiences to Your Career

By Chelsea Keen, M.Ed., (’12)

Chelsea is a career coach at Penn State University, specializing in promoting professional development through international Chelsea Keen Head shotexperiences. She is passionate about ...

I'm a Software Engineer Who Majored in Psychology and English

In this piece from The Muse, read about an English and Psychology major’s career journey to becoming a software engineer. And, be reminded that your college major doesn’t dictate your career ...

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