Job Search Sites

LinkedIn Wake Forest Alumni Group

Alumni and companies can post job openings on the discussion board for WakeLinkedIn Logo Official Forest alumni to view. All job opportunities sent to us specifically for Wake Forest alumni are posted by our office in the Wake Forest Alumni Group on LinkedIn.

The Muse

The Muse is a go-to job search site recommended by many Wake Forest alumni/young professionalsthe-muse-logo. Create a free account to search for job openings, explore companies, get career advice, and to access online courses.

Career Shift

Make a free account using  your WFU alumni email address (your username for Career Shift This database searches company employment websites for related job openings based on specific search criteria that you provide – and it takes your search a step further by displaying LinkedIn contacts at those specific companies. You can use Career Shift in conjunction with your LinkedIn account to network with professionals at organizations in which you find interesting job openings.


Indeed is the largest online job search aggregator in the world, offering you a concise list of job postings in your field and area of interest by Indeed logocombing companies’ websites for job listings. Use your skills or interests to help narrow down your options and find a variety of employers looking to hire you in your geographical area of interest. Create a free account and set-up a saved job search based on specific criteria – get notifications directly to your email inbox when new jobs become available!