LEARN letters spelled out with photos inside of them

This final step of the LEARN Model is not the end of your journey, but rather another starting point as you launch yourself into your next career stage. Take all that you have learned and accomplished up to this point and reflect on your position in your organization. Ask yourself if the role you are in now is in alignment with your goals. Think about what growth looks like for you and how you see yourself advancing to the next stage. You might need to return to one of the previous stages of the LEARN Model, to gather more information or take further action. You might need to reach out for a coaching conversation or speak to a trusted mentor or sponsor.

Here are some tools to get started:

Action Planning: Navigate What’s Next

As you make plans for what comes next in your career path, complete this worksheet.

No matter where you are, remember that growth and learning are lifelong processes. There is no end point, we simply begin again. Return to the LEARN Model: Get Started page to re-start the learning process.