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Once you have gained an understanding of yourself, your organization and your role within the organization, it’s time to shift a critical lens to your development up to this point and construct a vision for the next phase in your career development. Identify your relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities according to your career stage, industry, organization, and role. Assess how these proficiencies contribute to your growth and to your work in your organization. Identify gaps in your skills, knowledge, and abilities that you will need for continued success where you are or to move forward. As needed, conduct curiosity conversations with people who have expertise in the skillset or knowledge area that you want to develop. This will help you envision a clear picture of how to transition into the action phase. 

Here are some tools to get started:

Action Planning: Evaluate Skills and Gaps

Now that you’ve spent some time examining your current skills, knowledge areas, and competencies, and identified the gaps you need to fill to move forward, complete this planning worksheet. The answers to these questions correspond to the Knowing How questions on the Career Competencies worksheet in the Learn Self, Role, Organization step and will prepare you for what’s next: Act to Intentionally Grow and Develop.