Interested in hiring Wake Forest alumni or current students? We want to help you get your open position(s) in front of the best audience possible. Check out the following options for promoting your job openings, as well as tips for how to best share your postings in Wake Forest LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

For student job/internship postings:

For alumni job postings:

Tips for Sharing Job Postings on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups:

If you are sharing a job opening on a LinkedIn discussion board or within a city-based Facebook group, be sure to provide context for alumni and students viewing your post. For example, share how your role relates to the job opening.

“Attention fellow Wake Foresters! My team at XYZ company is looking to hire for a new Marketing Coordinator role in Atlanta. If interested, check out the job description at the link below, or send me a direct message to chat more.”

Or, let’s say you’re posting a position on behalf of another colleague or friend who is interested in hiring Wake Forest talent. In this case, you might include the following:

“XYZ company is hiring for a Human Resources Manager position. While I don’t work specifically on the HR team at XYZ company, I know that this would be a fantastic department to be a part of based on my interactions with their team. If interested, send me a direct message and I’m happy to connect you with an HR employee at my company for you to learn more about the position.”

We would recommend against just dropping a website link for a job posting onto a LinkedIn group discussion board or Facebook group page without providing this additional information. If our Alumni Personal & Career Development Center team can assist you in putting together a thorough job opening post to be included on a LinkedIn discussion board, please reach out to Lauren Beam (at