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“Trying to figure it all out at once is overwhelming! So give yourself grace….you don’t have to have everything in place immediately. But do start building habits at a pace that you can handle.”

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“In college, for many reasons, I feel like many people often try to be what they think fits the ideal WFU image or what their parents or professors may want them to be. Let that go! Be yourself! I can speak 100% to the notion that, once you’re happy being yourself and doing things you truly like to do, everything in life points upward. It’s a euphoric feeling that I honestly can’t explain.” 

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“I don’t love the term networking. Instead, I embrace curious conversations. In curious conversations, it is important to be respectful of others’ time. One way to do this is by preparing thoughtful questions ahead of time, while also keeping an open mind to where the conversation might go. One question you should always ask is, ‘What can I do to support you?’ This is not meant to make the conversation transactional. Instead, it opens the door for mutual value creation.”

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