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“The main thing I have learned is that our career paths are not linear. With each job that I’ve had I’ve learned something about myself and connected with people, which in turn helped lead to the next thing. Your starting point and your ending point can be in vastly different places and that’s ok. It’s a journey! And hopefully along the way you’ll get to know yourself better and find out what brings you joy.”

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“Be your authentic self in every aspect. Find a group of trusted, supportive, loyal mentors from unique walks of life who you can ask for advice and who you can be in community with (either physically and/or virtually). Also, 100% make a concerted effort to get to know your local community (i.e. volunteer at a community center/nonprofit, attend community-centered events, and learn about the history of the place you live and work in. You will feel grounded and loved.” 

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“LinkedIn is important! I always reach out to people and companies about roles I’m interested in. Millions can say no but all it takes is just one.

I’ve also just reached out via social media or maintain through email. I hate the word networking honestly since it’s so superficial. I connect and maintain; so far it’s served me well.

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“Keeping things positive within any relationship is always my goal. I want the people I work with and care about to feel seen and valued. It’s incredible how far a kind word and messages of encouragement go. I ascribe to the notion that all boats rise with the tide, so I make it my mission to give thanks to the people who brought me up and open doors for those coming up behind me.”

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