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“The most challenging part about my job is the amount of emotional intelligence you will need to successfully help clients adapt to new ideas, plans, and overall change within the business transformation process, especially with dealing with change management projects…. It takes more work and patience on my end, but I keep faith that it will give my client a better result.

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“Few things are more satisfying than a great catch-up with a longtime mentor or mentee. I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the wisdom and guidance of many formal and informal mentors throughout my life. We all need people who care deeply and can help us see ourselves and our situations more clearly. All of my mentors have two common traits: 1) They are terrific listeners and 2) They get straight to the heart of the matter, gently prompting me to take action vs. settling for what’s comfortable or the status quo.” 

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“I have been blessed to have many wonderful mentors over the past 20 years. As a black woman in a predominantly white male field, many of those supportive mentors have been white males. One mentor in particular stands out due to the profound impact she had on my career trajectory. One of the first black women to reach the VP level at our company took me under her wing in 2005. She helped me develop a career plan and set goals as a young engineer that led me to my first executive level position.”

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