Networking. What comes to mind when you see this word? Do you think of meeting strangers at a reception? Of starting conversations about work or the weather? Or, do you think of meeting new people and learning about their life? Do you think of connecting your interests with the interests of someone else?

Regardless of how you view the idea of networking, it’s an important skill that can contribute to your growth and success in both your work and personal life. Networking is about more than being a social butterfly; in fact, you don’t have to be very extroverted to enjoy networking. Having a strong network is more about maintaining a collection of authentic relationships, both with people you already know, and with those you aim to meet.

Cultivating a diverse network is important for many reasons, but in the resources on our website and blog, you’ll begin to discover the reasons that make the most sense for you and your current life stage. Explore the video tutorials and articles to build and exercise your skills!