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Alumni Advice: Tips from an Entrepeneur in the Time of COVID-19

By Amy Shack Egan (’14) of Modern Rebel

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Amy Shack Egan (’14)

I’ve lived in New York City for five years. In that time I’ve learned to love its complex, unforgiving nature – the push for ...

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Weathering the Emotional Storms of a Crisis

If there’s any commonality to our experience right now, it’s that we’re all experiencing a bit of trauma due to this global pandemic. For some, this is big, life and death trauma. For others, ...

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Managing Change in the Midst of Uncertainty

The only constant is change. And, right now, we’re experiencing a lot of it. So, how do you work through it, effectively? How do you “control what you can” when everything seems so out of ...

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Six Tips for Working Remotely

As we all seek to adjust to a “new normal” of working remotely during the Coronavirus, check out this article from LinkedIn’s blog. They offer up six tips for setting boundaries and routines as ...

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Give Up on Work-Life Balance

Looking for another perspective on work-life balance? Author Olga Khazan suggests that the act of trying to force work-life balance could, in fact, be causing us to be more imbalanced. Read her ...

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