Tricia Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry, sees rest as a revolutionary way to push back on America’s obsession with productivity at all costs. On the brink of burnout and total exhaustion in graduate school, Hersey found that taking regular breaks to nap or meditate proved pivotal. Rest made her feel better, cleared her mind, and improved her grades. As she committed to rest, she found that she was able to heal and, ultimately, succeed.

Hear from NYTimes about Hersey as the “Nap Bishop” and how she came to establish the Nap Ministry. Explore how the phrase “rest is resistance” aims to jar us just enough to wake us up…and sleep.

“I judge success by how many naps I took in a week, and how many times I told somebody no; how many boundaries I upheld. To me that’s justice, that’s liberation, that’s freedom.”

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