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Navigating Year One

Navigating your first year in your first job after college can be difficult and overwhelming. The good news is: you’re not the only one who feels that way! In this LEARN with @LifeAfterWake webinar, Allison McWilliams (’95) and Katherine Laws (’20) discuss the challenges recent graduates face in their Year One and strategies for thriving […]

Your Money and Your Time: Managing Life as a New Professional

By Allison McWilliams (’95), Ph.D., Assistant VP, Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development, Wake Forest University There’s a lot of emphasis on work in your first year after college – what type of work you will be doing, where you will be doing it, how to get it done – but figuring out life […]

Boundaries for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)

In this article from Thrive Global, Wake Forest alumnus Ryan Riccordella (’15) tackles the topic of boundaries and why you need them. He breaks down tips and strategies for boundary-setting at each time of the day – from first thing in the morning when you wake up to relaxing in the evenings after dinner. Particularly […]

How to Stop Overthinking Everything

Be honest: do you overthink everything? For most Wake Foresters, being a perfectionist is a common struggle! We want to get things right, make the best decisions to position us well for the future, and avoid failure at all costs. The problem with overthinking is that, eventually, we begin to experience decision-making fatigue and struggle […]

Bullet Journaling: What Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

We can all use a new productivity tool, to help manage tasks and to-do lists and keep ourselves organized. One such tools is the bullet journal, “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.” In this article by Katie O’Malley from Elle, you will learn not only what a bullet journal is, but also how […]

Six Tips for Working Remotely

As we all seek to adjust to a “new normal” of working remotely during the Coronavirus, check out this article from LinkedIn’s blog. They offer up six tips for setting boundaries and routines as you work from home.

3 Tips to Create a Wellbeing Routine

By Kim Struglinski (’12), Yoga and barre teacher in Nashville, TN After working as a Wake Forest Fellow, Kim went on to earn a Master’s in Higher Education and worked in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Vanderbilt University for 3.5 years. During that time she discovered her passion for teaching group fitness classes and […]

Q&A with a Career Coach: Brian Mendenhall

The following is a conversation with Brian Mendenhall, a career coach in the Office of Personal & Career Development at Wake Forest. Brian specializes in working with students interested in STEM, Health Professions, and Business Analytics. Below, read his advice for young professionals transitioning from college to career, and his tips for living and working […]

Personal Productivity Hacks for the New Professional

By Allison McWilliams (’95), Ph.D., Assistant VP, Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development, Wake Forest University Anyone who is new to the working world will quickly learn that your time, and your ability to manage it effectively, are two key strategies to success. Unlike when you were in school, no one at work is […]

The Differences Between Busy and Productive People

The quest to be more effective at work has hatched misconceptions about what having a productive workday really means. It has also led most people into thinking that being busy is tantamount to being productive. This article from Inc. shares valuable insights about what productive unicorns do during their work week, and how they are […]

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