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LEARN with @LifeAfterWake Advice Videos
Our LEARN with @LifeAfterWake Advice Videos feature alumni, faculty, and staff experts sharing their best tips on a variety of topics. From job search strategies and applying to graduate school to asking for feedback and managing your personal finances, we've got answers to your most pressing career + life questions.

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Interested in our LEARN with @LifeAfterWake Online Courses? These courses are self-paced, filled with practical tools and resources, and intended to help you grow personally + professionally. Start developing your mentoring skill set, learn how to navigate your life and career after college, and more!

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Explore our LEARN with @LifeAfterWake Webinars where we bring you practical, easy-to-digest information on professional, career, + life topics. Our facilitators include career coaches, counselors, HR experts, and even seasoned entrepreneurs. Join us for a live webinar or pop-in to a previously recorded one!

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Check out our LEARN with @LifeAfterWake Workshops, where you'll discover practical tips, strategies, and resources to start applying to your career and life right now. Register for an upcoming workshop or watch a previously recorded one below!