The Nap Bishop Is Spreading the Good Word: Rest

Tricia Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry, sees rest as a revolutionary way to push back on America’s obsession with productivity at all costs. On the brink of burnout and total exhaustion in graduate school, Hersey found that taking regular breaks to nap or meditate […]

Hustle culture: Is this the end of rise-and-grind?

As a society, we have long held onto this notion that the hustle never stops; there’s always more money to make or a bigger promotion to secure. When we examine the effects of overworking on employees, especially those from marginalized groups and backgrounds, we find […]

How to Take Better Breaks at Work

When we think about what it means to be productive, oftentimes our minds go straight to working hard, producing outcomes, and pushing through to get things done. Research shows us that being “always-on” has its drawbacks, ultimately resulting in higher rates of burnout and lower […]

Rest Takes Hard Work

We often assume that resting means not doing anything, when in reality, it is an active process that requires intentional work and practice. Learning how to rest well is an invaluable skill, and mastering the art of “deep work” and “deliberate rest” in our daily […]

How to Save Money When You’re Broke

You know you’re supposed to be saving money: for your future, for a rainy day fund, for that big purchase you have your eye on (hello, summer vacation). But how do you save money when you’re already in debt and everything keeps getting more expensive? […]

Let’s Practice Reflection

By Maggie Kuhn (’21), Assistant Director, Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development at Wake Forest University The society we live in is increasingly engineered for productivity. Self checkout lanes, drive-through restaurants, online shopping – all efficiencies meant to keep up the pace, to save […]

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