Each January, the Wake Forest University Mentoring Resource Center recognizes National Mentoring Month as a way to welcome everyone back to campus for the spring semester and to put a renewed focus on the importance of mentoring among Wake Foresters.

In 2022, the WFU Mentoring Resource Center is highlighting the importance of building meaningful relationships to help grow your network. Relationship-building is a key skill that we all continue to develop and use throughout our lives and careers.

Visit the National Mentoring Month 2022 page for:

  • Directions for growing your network, including step-by-step tips on how to reach out to new contacts and build connections
  • Goal-setting worksheet to help you determine where you’re going and who you need to help you get there
  • Sample LinkedIn and email messages to request conversations with new contacts
  • List of questions to ask a new contact during an initial conversation

Whether you are a recent Wake Forest graduate or a seasoned working professional, we can all be more intentional about how and with whom we’re building relationships that support our personal and career growth!

Man holding up sticky note that says "build your network"

Photo from Canva.com