Get the Book: Year One

The first year after college isn’t the only year that matters, but it is a decisive moment that either can be lost to a fog of new experiences and emotions, or an opportunity to embrace this new adult you, full of intention and compassion for yourself. In these pages, the authors share the wisdom of their own experiences to point out potential challenges and opportunities to grow and to learn. The book is part reflection, part instruction, and part conversation between the authors with each other. And it’s a conversation between them and you, to answer one simple question for both new graduates and their managers: How do you make the most of this year? We hope, if you are a new professional, you will read this with your manager or someone you consider your mentor and discuss what you are experiencing and learning about yourself. And if you are a manager, we hope you will ask your new employee to read it with you for a deeper, more enriching experience for you both during this Year One. Get your copy on Amazon here!

ear One Book Cover, gray background with Year One written in white and gold

About the Authors

Allison E. McWilliams is Assistant Vice President, Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development, at Wake Forest University. In these roles, she provides training, support, and resources for both formal and informal mentoring relationships, as well as leading personal and career development programs for young professionals. She has written for and spoken to national and international audiences about effective mentoring strategies, management, leadership, and professional development.

Katherine Laws spent her Year One as a Fellow in the Office of Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University. Originally from Concord, NC, she graduated from Wake Forest in May of 2020 with a degree in English and Journalism. Katherine has been published in Our State Magazine and Wake Forest Magazine.