Headshot of Stephanie Bandyk
Stephanie Bandyk (’14) | Public-Private Partnerships in International Development | London, UK

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I graduated from Wake Forest in 2014 with a BA in Politics & International Affairs and a minor in Sociology, and also participated in the Wake Washington, Member in Parliament (UK Study Abroad) Internship, and Summer Management programs.

I started my career in Washington DC with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), which works at the intersection of democratic and economic development in emerging economies. After two years of project management in DC, my interests in social entrepreneurship took me first to Kenya to work in the sales and marketing department at BURN Manufacturing, and later to Nepal, Liberia and Nigeria to support a global Incubator program for social justice and accountability-focused entrepreneurs with the Accountability Lab.

Prior to moving to London UK to start an MBA at London Business School (LBS), I worked in Washington DC for a business advisory firm, Development Finance International (DFI) Inc., that advises the private sector in working with key international financing institutions and development partners on commercial and sustainability opportunities in emerging markets. Now at LBS, I have focused on digital financial services – exploring these ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa through research and consulting with African fintechs to interning with Mastercard’s Product team in the UK.

I am happy to discuss navigating a career in international development, especially making the ‘leap’ from a traditional development desk job to the start-up environment in emerging markets. My interests center around sustainable business including last mile service delivery, fintech, social justice, and women’s economic inclusion. I am active in both DC and London’s social entrepreneurship spaces and happy to help think through next career steps in any of these areas.

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