Networking Conversations

We know it’s tough to connect with new people right now. Whether you’re hoping to build your network professionally or just take a few minutes to meet someone new, sign up for these 1:1 alumni conversations!

Here’s how it works: register by the deadline for each month’s coffee chat. Our team will match alumni for 1:1 conversations. On Tuesday after each month’s deadline, we’ll connect each conversation pair with a short introductory email. Each conversation pair will work to find a time to meet that works for you both! It’s that easy! Plan to chat for 15-minutes, maybe over coffee or a quick bite to eat!

You must register for the month(s) in which you’d like to participate by clicking on the images below. Spring 2023 registration pages coming soon!

Turquoise background with white coffee mug and a smiley face on top of the coffee
Coffee Chat with Alumni with two disposable coffee cups
Disposable coffee cup next to the words Coffee Chat with Alumni
White vase with thin plant sticking out of it next to a white coffee mug