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Navigating Year One

Navigating your first year in your first job after college can be difficult and overwhelming. The good news is: you’re not the only one who feels that way! In this LEARN with @LifeAfterWake ...

Frameworks for Intelligent Decision-Making

Decisions, decisions, if there is anything that sums up adulthood it might be that it’s an endless litany of decisions for which we often feel ill-prepared. Sometimes these decisions are of the ...

Think About 2021 Goal-Setting Differently

If we learned anything in 2020, it’s to expect life to veer off in a different direction at any moment. As you contemplate career and life goals for 2021, this article by Joan Michelson in Forbes ...

The Core Four Skills to Build a Life of Intention

By Allison McWilliams (’95), Ph.D., Assistant VP, Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development, Wake Forest UniversityCore Four: Build Relationships, Set Goals, Seek Feedback, Practice Reflection

In January 2021 we celebrate National Mentoring Month, as we do each ...

Haley Benz ('19)

Alumni Reflections on 2020: Haley Benz (’19)

Haley Benz head shot photo

Haley Benz (’19)

What has been most difficult for you throughout this past year?

The most difficult part of this year was a major change in my ...

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