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4 Steps to Negotiate Your First Salary

By Chelsea Keen, M.Ed. (’12), Career Coach and Founder of Uplifted Ambitions Career Coaching Chelsea Keen is a results-oriented career coach who empowers ambitious early and mid-level professional women to land their ideal job, advance in their career, and find fulfillment in their 9 to 5. She launched Uplifted Ambitions Career Coaching several years after […]

How to Negotiate Your Salary In Your Current Job Role

By Brady Silva, (’09, MA ’11), Senior Research Manager at Bellomy, Winston-Salem, NC What happens if you get additional, significant responsibilities added to your plate at work but no mention of a raise in salary? Or, perhaps you discover that other coworkers in the same job role make more money than you do. Whether you feel like […]

9 Steps to Negotiating Your Salary

Written by Jessica Williams (’03) for her website blog, The Superwoman Project, on September 17, 2018. Jessica is the Founder and CEO of The Superwoman Project and a speaker, coach, facilitator, and author. Learn more about her work and background here. This article is re-posted and shared with permission. Negotiating your salary doesn’t have to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Comparing Salaries With Your Peers

Ever wondered if your salary is on par with what your peers in similar roles are being paid? While discussing pay with colleagues can be awkward and uncomfortable, this article by Olivia Feld via The Muse provides useful tips how to find out what others in comparable roles are being paid and what you can […]

Offer in Hand: Negotiation Station

Offer in Hand is a three-part summer series collaboration with Real World Playbook. In this second article, they’ll provide guidance around negotiating your job offer.  Negotiation Station – 5 Tips for Getting What You Want Out of a Job Offer Congrats, you’ve gotten a job offer! According to CNBC, only 39% of employees negotiated their last job offer. […]

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