You’ve probably heard of people using ChatGPT or other forms of AI technology to help them with a job search or crafting a resume and cover letter. But what if you could use ChatGPT prompts to help you negotiate your next pay raise?

In this article from Forbes (written by Jodie Cook, January 16, 2024), learn about 5 specific prompts that you can use in the process of asking for a salary increase.

“f you suspect you could be paid more for your work, it can’t hurt to ask. Use these prompts to set up a fee or salary discussion that’s very likely to go your way. Create a clear timeline and work back from a specific date, then understand the rates your work could command. Set up the conversation with a strong email, then get clear on what you bring to the table. Plan for every counter argument so you’re not caught off guard. Swap your efforts for money at the rate you believe is correct.”

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