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Disclosure Discourse: To Reveal or Conceal a Disability in the Workplace

By Kawana Neufville, M.S, CRC, LPCA, Assistant Director, Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services, Wake Forest University

Many students preparing to transition from college to the world ...

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TED Talk: How to Make Hard Choices

In this TED Talk by philosopher and author Ruth Chang, learn about a new framework for how to make hard choices around career, relationships, living situations, and many of the other difficult ...

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Q&A with a Career Coach: Mike Crespi (MBA ’95) – Part Two

Missed out on our Part One conversation with Career Coach Mike Crespi? Check it out here. Below, Mike shares his best advice for translating a liberal arts degree into a “business-oriented” ...

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Offer in Hand: Negotiation Station

Offer in Hand is a three-part summer series collaboration with Real World Playbook. In this second article, they’ll provide guidance around negotiating your job offer. Three people sitting at a table

Negotiation ...

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Q&A with a Career Coach: Patrick Sullivan ('93, MBA '03)

The following is a conversation with one of our seasoned Wake Forest career coaches, Patrick Sullivan (’93, MBA ’03), Interim Director for Career Education and Coaching. Patrick specializes in ...

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