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How to Thrive Under a Micromanager

Many of us know what it’s like, from past (or current) experience, to work with a boss who is constantly scrutinizing and double-checking your work. How can you be successful and thrive in your ...

3 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job With Cold Email

By Austin Belcak (‘13)
Austin is the founder of Cultivated Culture where he helps people use unconventional strategies to lands jobs they love along with salaries they deserve. Most recently, ...

5 Things Your Boss Wants You To Do

Want to take initiative and be a standout employee? Check out these five things that most managers want their employees to do to make their jobs easier and to help you get to the next level in ...

Navigating Emotional Labor at Work

Navigating Emotional Labor at Work. Written by Allison McWilliams for the Huffington Post, May 9, 2017.

There is a generally-unspoken, but well-understood rule of the workplace: keep your ...

Increase Your Productivity: Managing Your Email Inbox

By Lauren Beam (’07)

We are all bombarded with constant, incoming email messages in a world of smart phones and watches and hard-to-ignore notifications. With emailWhite desk with a desktop computer on it often being the primary mode ...

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