Find Your People: Five Days. Daily action items. Strengthen your network.

This past summer, our Alumni Personal and Career Development Center team launched a week-long challenge on our @LifeAfterWake Instagram account to #findyourpeople. In this challenge we provided five simple action items that you can take over five days to strengthen your network and find people who can support you in your personal and professional life.

If you’re hoping to build up your network of supporters, get started below and check out our five daily action items to help you move forward!

Day One: Maybe you need to build relationships with colleagues at your organization, within your career field, or with professionals from the industry in which you want to transition. Perhaps you want a mentor or trusted adviser. Or, you've recently moved to a new city and are hoping to make new friends. Identify who you need to add to your network of connections/people. Write it down. Day Two: Ask a colleague (or someone who you want to learn more about his/her life and career) to go out for coffee or lunch. We suggest inviting a person who would add value to your network. Ask questions. Be curious. Follow-up with a "thank you" email. Day Three: Who has served as a mentor, adviser, or wise counselor in your life? Is there someone you've been meaning to reach out to but just haven't taken the time to contact? Send a “life update” email or note to this peron. Tell him/her what you’ve been up to, where you’re hoping to go next, and say “thank you” for the role they’ve played in your life. Day Four: What groups do you belong to either in-person or online? Are there certain groups of people that energize you? Or that you’d like to step away from? Do a quick “group inventory” on your life. Write down the groups that you belong to and identify any gaps where you'd like to find a group in which to get involved. As you're able, stop putting energy and time into groups that drain you. Day Five: Use the “6 People You Need In Your Network” chart (link in profile) as a starting point to determine who you go to for various needs in your life and career. Make a list of “your people.” Keep this list handy for the next time you are in need of support from “your people.” And, continue to seek out opportunities for connection and to grow your network.Go here to see the 6 People You Need In Your Network chart. And, we hope you feel better equipped to seek out the connections and supporters that you need in your personal and professional life!