The first few weeks, or even months, at a new job can feel both overwhelming and exciting. Particularly if you are a young professional in your first real job after college, it can be daunting to know how to begin acclimating to your new work environment.  While you will be learning about everything from where your desk will be located to what duties your manager expects you to take on, there are several other key things you can do to stand out (in a good way!). Check out the following advice articles to learn more:

The First 100 Days: What You Should Do And Learn Before You Start

The First 100 Days: What You Should Do On The First Day, First Week, First Three Months

We also appreciate this advice from Wake Forest alum Rick Sullivan (’09), Director at Red Oak Sourcing (CVS Health and Cardinal Health Joint Venture) in Boston, MA, for young professionals who are in new job roles. From grabbing lunch with colleagues to being coachable to claiming your voice at work, Rick shares how he established himself as an expert in his workplace as a young professional. After watching this short video, take some time to reflect on who you should be making connections with and where you can add value as an expert voice within your organization.