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TEDx Talk: How to Use Others' Feedback to Learn and Grow

In this TEDx Talk, Sheila Heen shares her insights on the importance of receiving feedback to fuel professional and company growth based on years of consulting work with organizations around the ...

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Talking About Failure is Crucial for Growth - Here's How to Do It Right

This New York Times article by Oset Babur explores why talking about your failures in the workplace rather than processing them internally can lead to more trusting and productive work ...

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Five Tips for Building Community Where You Are

By Allison McWilliams (’95), Assistant Vice President for Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development, Wake Forest University

We all need personal and professional networks, a community of ...

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Boundary Setting with Brene Brown

Creating community means developing intentional relationships and connections with people. And, it means setting effective boundaries with your time, your capacity, and your availability. Easy to ...

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How to Diversify Your Professional Network

If the majority of your professional connections are within your career industry or company, it may be time to diversify your network! In this article by Amy Nauiokas in Harvard Business ...

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