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How Do I Effectively “Manage Up” With My Manager?

Managing the relationship with your manager can be tricky! As you seek to build a relationship and communicate more effectively with your boss, learn from John Champlin (’06, MBA ’15) as he shares best practices for asking your manager for feedback at work. And, read some of our additional resources and expert advice posts on […]

How Can I Intentionally Build My Professional Network?

Whether you are a job seeker or gainfully employed, it’s important to maintain and build your professional network. You never know when you might need to solicit the help or support from the people you know, whether it’s for business-related purposes or if you suddenly find yourself needing to seek new employment. So how can […]

What Should Be On My Professional Resume?

While you were in college, you were told to keep your resume to one-page. Since graduating and gaining years of professional work experience, what does this mean for your resume? In the following video, Tiffany Waddell Tate (’07, MALS ’11) shares her best tips for refreshing your professional resume. And, check out some additional resume […]

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What Do I Need to Know About Applying for Graduate School?

The decision to go to graduate school is a big one! Whether you are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree to advance your career or are hoping to make a total career change, we have some great advice and resources to help you think through your decision and to figure out the application process. Watch […]

How Do I Strategically Search for a Job?

Searching for a new job can be challenging! Below you will find helpful advice from career expert Patrick Sullivan (’93, MBA  ’03) on how to employ strategic tactics for getting the job that you want. Plus, check out some additional job search resources and advice from our website following the video. Resources for the Strategic […]

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