Five For Your First Five. This is how our Alumni Personal & Career Development Center team refers to the five areas you need to master in your first five years after college. These are the key skills that you need to develop to build a career and a life of intention and meaning.

Check out the Your First Five page to learn about these key skill areas (and related action steps you can take to build upon them), which include:

  1. Do the Work
  2. Build a Life
  3. Create Community
  4. Practice Reflection
  5. Own What’s Next

You can also register for our free, open enrollment course to dive deeper into these five skill areas. Visit our What’s Next page to access the most updated course registration link.

In our Five For Your First Five online course, we cover topics such as:

  • Discovering your why – being able to articulate what motivates you to do what you do each day.
  • Redefining failure and learning from those experiences when you haven’t been successful.
  • Building your network and finding your people post-college.
  • Navigating impostor syndrome, organizational politics, and gathering data on your experiences to figure out what’s next for you.
  • Learning how to play the long game in your career.