Alumni Reflections on 2020: Raleigh Eckert (’12)

Raleigh is the Co-Founder of The Audrey Eckert Foundation in Detroit, MI.

What has been most difficult for you throughout this past year?

I gave birth to my daughter Audrey, our first child during the height of the pandemic. She sadly passed away from complications of a congenital heart defect at 19 days old.

What has been the most positive aspect of this past year for you, personally and/or professionally?

Despite the isolation of the pandemic, we have felt incredibly supported through our grieving process. My Wake friends especially have lifted me up and made me feel less alone. My Tri Delta sisters even raised money to buy us multiple meals while we lived in the hospital for much of May and June.

How have you grown, changed, and developed throughout 2020?

My goals and priorities have changed drastically. I am grateful for this time of rest, growth, and time with our pod.

What lessons from 2020 will you take with you into the year(s) ahead?

I will honor each day I wake up on this Earth. Life is not a given and it is so important to live it to its fullest. Make time for your friendships, your family, and things that make you happy each day. I will honor my daughter in this way.