Life After Wake Workshops

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Leaving college can be a time of uncertainty, challenge, and excitement. The transition from classes to the working world often feels different than the experience you were expecting. These first few years after graduation are rarely spent in your dream job, but this is a critical time to start discovering strengths, interests, and skills for the future.

How do you build skills and experiences that will benefit you in the future, when you are on the lowest rung of the professional ladder, or in a job that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? How can you use your first professional role as an opportunity to learn and explore the world of work?

We’re excited to start hosting these half-day workshops in central cities around the country to help you begin to answer these questions for yourself. In these intensive workshops, we will focus on one of the five key skills areas for young professionals from Five For Your First Five.

Using both facilitated discussions and interactive exercises, we’ll explore:

  • the challenges unique to the transition from college to work
  • your personal values and your organization’s culture
  • how you can claim your space and voice, set goals for your growth and development, and ask for feedback on your work.

Sample Schedule:

8:30 – 9:00am        LinkedIn Photos and Breakfast Meet and Greet

9:00 – 12:00pm      Values Inventory and Decision-Making Model

12:00 – 1:00pm       Network-Building Lunch with Alumni

1:00 – 1:30pm         Keys to Success


In the morning, we will focus on articulating your personal values and understanding how these values interact with your organization’s culture. We’ll expose you to the idea of Intelligent Careers and discover how this theory has shaped the world of work into “boundaryless careers”. We’ll introduce you to a decision-making model for career and life planning. Join us early to update your LinkedIn photo and mingle with other attendees during breakfast!

During the lunch hour, we’ll spend time networking with more experienced alumni and discussing the ins and outs of feedback.

In the afternoon, we’ll cover the 10 Keys to Success for building your career and life after college.