Gain Real World Work Experience

As you begin your first professional job, embrace being in an entry-level position. Your first job will most likely not be your perfect dream job. In fact, you may even take on a summer and/or fall internship just to get your foot in the door at an organization.  As you work at your not-so-perfect-job, remember that you’re there to grow your skill set, learn how to be a working professional, explore your likes and dislikes in the workplace, and begin figuring out where you want to go next. If you can use your first professional role as an opportunity to learn and explore the world of work, you will be better equipped and skilled to position yourself for that next job and to understand where you want your career path to go.

Professional Development Skills Assessment Worksheet – Use this assessment to self-evaluate your professional skills. You can also use this as a guide to determine certain skill sets to work on and build during your first job experience post-college.

Professional Development Competencies – Wondering what are the key skills your current employer wants to see you demonstrate and develop? Check out this list of professional skills and competencies.

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Build Your Professional Network
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